About Us

This Site is about all of us. its not about any one person. Our founder Trapper got his first tattoos a young person and it just never stopped. but the story is different but the same for all of us.

Tattooing is an outward expression of an inward stirring. There is no one reason to get ink. Every reason is different for all of us. So we enjoy the stories or the journey together and that makes this human experience so interesting.

We have a single mission statement and that is to help where we can all who seek to be apart of the tattooist journey.

We concentrate on the pick and poke stick as we see how it has improved our experience in tattooing. We also believe in every form of the tattooing application, and all of us here use electric machines.  But we don't waste our money on expensive tattoo equipment.  The application of needle poking skin is the same the only difference is how ink is applied. Skin doesn't care if its a $1000 machine of a sewing needle.

But our passion is the pick and poke world and it is huge and alive.  Just because there isn't tattoo TV shows geared around it doesn't mean its lessor.  In fact we would guess there is more pick and poke than there is electric around the world

 The history of tattooing is founded on tribal methods of pick and poke tattooing. That is all of our foundations also.

So lets see where this leads us.  We hope its is enjoyable trip for all. and please contact us. We would love to hear from you. Tell us your journey and send pictures of your Ink.

 We believe all tattooing is for adults and expect all our clients to be adults over the age of 18. Please follow the laws of your local state and be safe clean and know clearly what you are doing. we are not responsible for for your bad decisions. 

pickandpoketattoo.com is owned and operated be STL IDUSTRIAL SERVICES INCORPORATED. All packaging will come in stl industrial addressing due to the theft we had when "tattoo" was on return addressing. Any questions can be sent to stlindustrialservices@yahoo.com